I’m Ashley Marie Nelson. Some know me as Amarie, my artist handle. I’ve worked diligently for the last 10 years as an artist, covering a wide array of projects. Art started for me as a healing journey, acting as a vessel to reach a state of understanding. Over the years of practice, it became a means for me to learn about humanity and a way to find connection.

As a painter, I can feel the well of passion erupt through my paintbrush, challenging me to learn more about light and dark. As an illustrator, I can connect with my appreciation for details, finding calm in the grace of a line. As a seamstress, I am fulfilled in my desire to create a warm and loving home. As a designer, I am encouraged to help others meet a goal for their business. I am always seeking to learn more. Whether it be artistically, maternally or ways to lead a more wholesome life.

I feel these avenues of artistic expression help me to reflect on the character of God, and thus allows me to grow in spirit and truth. My hope is that if you’re here, you can find some sort of inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for taking time to review my process and share in my story.