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Canning Salmon + Recipe

A huge part of our diet includes canning our own food. Summer and Autumn are the peak of canning season, as the berries pop, the salmon land in our nets, beans need cooked, and the garden eventually (and hopefully) requires overflow storage. My husband and son ( 2yo) took the boat out last week and…

Spring Dress Handmade

This simple dress tutorial is easy to personalize for all body types and sizes. This style of dress can be made with a multitude of fabrics and prints. For this particular dress, I used a jersey stretch fabric that feels great against the skin and is least likely to wrinkle. Our local “Mart” was selling…

Rosehip Salve Recipe

Winter in our neck of Alaska exposes an abundance of rosehips left over from mid-summer’s wild pink roses. Rosehips are known for their spectacular skin healing properties and are commonly used in a wide variety of cosmetics. Most know them for being rich in vitamin C, but they’re also a great remedy for eczema, wrinkle…

Pinafore Apron for Women

Pinafore style aprons bring me to a place that seems to be among the bygones. The prairie feel of this simple no-tie apron encapsulates an era I reflect on often. I first learned how to make this apron for children through a tutorial on a neighboring blog. Tweaking the pattern for larger measurements, I came…

Simple Soap Making

This has been a busy month preparing for holiday events in town. I am so thankful to be back here sharing a new skill I recently learned from my very own Ma. Soap is something I’ve wanted to make for years but haven’t made time for it, as the lye factor intimidated me a great…

Sewing Potholders

When gearing up for the winter season I almost always think of potholders in the kitchen. Cooking is a huge part of our winter enjoyment and sustainability when the days are short and the work is long. Often times we’ll make a large pot of chili or soup to carry us for a few days…

Homemade Stationary

Writing letters is a practice that has been slowly fading to the wayside for generations. I started creating stationary about two years ago when I realized that children in our day and age didn’t know what “stationary” was. This blew my mind. I daydreamed as a child, of sitting at an old wooden desk with…

Traditional Sourdough Bread

In my not-so-distant dreams of being a prairie homesteader, I imagined making bread like this for many years. This year I happened to be given two starters, and so it began. The newer starter came from a neighbor who inspired the core of this recipe. Our 40 year old starter came from family friends who…

Double Yoke Kid’s Shirt

Double Yoke Shirt Project Review: I have a heart for a lot of western twang and all things classic-vintage. This project fit in the middle of those quite well. For my son’s second birthday I finally wanted to make a button up shirt for him. I’ve been massively intimidated by the idea of making small…

The Why

Hello there, I’m Ashley Marie Nelson. Some know me as Amarie, my artist handle. I’ve set out to create this online space to reveal my growth as not only an artist and a maker, but in light of the Maker. So as to say, it’s not about what we do, but why we do it….

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